Cleveland Heights High School Classroom Conversion

Project Owner's name and address:

Board of Education

Cleveland Heights University Heights City School District

University Heights, Ohio


Completion:         Cost:

2006                        $1,200,000



Irie Kynyk Goss Architects provided architectural and engineering services for two complementary renovations at the High School. The school wished to relocate the existing Library from the Third Floor to the First. The eight displaced classrooms would be reconstitued on the third floor. This third floor area was originally the cafeteria, and is suspended over the auditorium from the roof trusses, limiting the locations and amounts of loading possible. The third floor classroom renovations uncovered and restored the original plaster vaults, beam drops and capitals, placing them in a contemporary context. The first floor renovation provided a new library and media center in a more accessible location. Both areas incorporate all current educational multimedia technology.