Firm History

Irie Kynyk Goss Architects, Inc.

June 1988 - Present


Fred Toguchi Associates, Inc.

1981-May 1988


Fred Toguchi Associates Architects




Gregory Goss, Principal, has over 35 years of experience in programming, design, and construction. The Firm maintains a diverse staff from a variety of backgrounds and talents.



Resume for Gregory Goss, AIA, LEED AP




Irie Kynyk Goss Architects Inc. provides full architectural and engineering services for the design and construction of physical facilities. We do this with  a primary concern and sensitivity toward client needs. We design our buildings aware of their effects on both the natural environment and human activities, attitudes, and health.


Interior Design

IKG provides interior design services by carefully selecting equipment, furnishing, and materials to complement the architecture, creating functional, pleasing, sustainable spaces.



IKG provides full planning and engineering services with particular respect for the natural environment as well as for man made structures.


Rendering and Visualization

IKG provides 2-D and 3-D archiectural computer renderings and graphics services for projects of all sizes. Capabilities range from physical models to massing studies, rendered elevations to photorealistic site and building renderings.